Day Four
Thursday 1st February '18
10:00 AM - 12:00PM PST
Pitch to Games Investors 
Meet a team of publishers, investors and agents looking to invest and promote the right games and people. This is a unique chance to gain access to a global pool of games business investors and influencers.
  •  Get your game in front of a panel of proven investors
  •  Mobile games 
  •  eSports  
  •  STEAM  
  •  Console
  •  PS3
  •  Xbox 
  •  Nintendo 
  •  Wii
  •  iOS
  •  Android 
20 carefully selected Indies will have the chance to pitch live to a panel of 30 investors from across the world.

 Indies will have 5 minutes sharp to show their pitch in front of a panel of investors and get feedback in realtime. Those successful will be contacted by investors and referrals will be published on the event site.
Indies have to be registered and submit a pitch deck in advance in order to be selected. There’s a lot of interest in this so, if you’re an Indie, book early if you want to be involved. 

Have an Awesome Career as an Indie Dev
Thursday 1st February  '18
12:00PM - 1:45PM PST
12:00pm PST
Land an Ace Job at Your Dream Studio From Your Bedroom
  •  Land your dream job without going to College
  •  Develop a game from your bedroom and prove that you can take a project from concept to release  
  •  Build your skills by collaborating on Indie games 
12:25 pm PST
Get Your First Game Released and Visible: The Final 20%
  •  Build a business plan
  •  Develop project management skills  
  •  Build the skills to do the final 20% and market the game and get it known 
12:50 pm PST
Build Your Game Development Experience By Working on Modifications 
  •  Prove your project management skills and commitment by seeing games modifications through to the end
  •  Work with an existing community of developers and users 
  •  Understand how to increase market share 
1:15 pm PST
Ask Us Anything Time 
1:45 pm PST
End of Young Developers Free Day 
The Business of 
Indie Games
24 - 27 July 2018
The Business of 
Indie Games
Virtual Summit
Goes Live 
24-27 July 
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